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ALZO 790 Dimmable LED Video Camera Light Power Kit – incl. LED light, NP-F770 battery compatible w/ Sony, Charger & 12V car plug – great for DSLR video recording

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  • Complete kit incl. ALZO 790 LED video camera light, NP-F770 Li-ion battery, charger w/ car plug
  • 126 bright white LEDs – full power output = 1000 LUX at 1m
  • Dimmable to 3 LUX at 1m – 5600K color temperature
  • Up to 8 hours continuous operation – battery dependant
  • Accepts many battery types inc. AA, SONY NP series Li-ion

This kit includes the ALZO 790 LED on-camera video light, the NP-F770 Li-ion battery, and a Charger with a 12V car plug. ALZO 790L on-camera battery powered bright dimmable video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects and performing other close-up work. Includes standard shoe mount for use with camcorders, video cameras and for DSLR cameras. Accepts AA batteries and SONY NP-F series batteries. SONY NP-F790 battery delivers up to 8 hours of full power light. Battery adapters are available from ALZO for PANASONIC batteries and CANON DSLR batteries. May require a camera bracket for mounting as some camcorders have a small proprietary shoe mount. The light consists of 126 dimmable LEDs that create an output of 1000 LUX @1m, dimmable to 3 LUX @1m; color temperature of 5600K. Includes 3 plastic filters: clear diffuser, CTO, minus green. Included Li-Ion battery yields 4 hours of continuous operation; works with many other battery options, incl. 6 AA batteries & Sony Li-Ion, incl. NP-Fh50, Fh30, Fh70, Fh100, NP-F550, F750, F960, F570, F770, & F970, NP-FM55H. High brightness beam angle of 30 degrees. Light has standard shoe mount with lock wheel made of plastic; for sturdier shoe mount, see ALZO metal shoe mount ASIN B003SQNZQY. Weight without batteries: 10 oz; dimensions: 5.5″w x 3.75″ h x 2.25″ d (not including shoe mount or battery).

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Written by townsendeduardo7

May 25, 2013 at 9:15 am

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